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Sigmavision Ltd is the developer and manufacturer of TreadReaderTM, a patent protected technology for tyre tread depth measurement in the tyre aftermarket. Based in the UK, Sigmavision is a high tech company, with world class expertise in laser sensor and camera imaging technology.

Originally supplying offline and online laser profiling systems and laser measurement systems1 to the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, Sigmavision now exclusively manufactures and supplies tyre measurement equipment for the tyre aftermarket, including the TreadReader Hand Held scanner and TreadReader Drive Over ramp.

For use by workshops, dealerships, fast fit operators, tyre retailers, fleet operators and law enforcement agencies, TreadReader products are redefining tread depth and tyre wear measurement.

Announced in December 2016, Nokian Tyres invested in Sigmavision Ltd to advance Sigmavision’s Beyond the Workshop strategy, providing free tyre checks to motorists.

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Sigmavision thrives because of the expertise, talent and dedication of its employees. There are no specific vacancies at present, but if you would like to make contact with us regarding your skills and experience please email
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